Free Mahjong by Dogmelon

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Dogmelon's Mahjong -- one of the world's favorite Mahjong Solitaire games -- is now available on TV!

A fun way to keep your brain sharp.

Heaps of different layouts, so you don't get bored.

New to mahjong? Check out the really simple introduction on our site:

Some layouts are easier than others. There's a wide range of difficulties to provide the challenge you're looking for.

The TV remote is already very natural to use, but our in-built assistant just about reads your mind to help you to play even faster.

Earn coins, and spend them on more items in the Mahjong marketplace.

Make no mistake - this is our best version ever. Playing Mahjong on a big, beautiful TV screen makes the tiles look and sound so good it almost feels like you could pick them up.

Traditional tiles feel like the real thing, but other sets are especially good to help kids get started.

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