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Wine Maps provides a handy visual reference, for the wine regions in twenty two countries around the world. Perfect for showing off your wine knowledge to your guests (as well as your large tv!).

Wine maps is a visual reference, and doesn't give descriptions of each region. Each map has the wine regions clearly presented, along with rivers, cities, and major towns.

Simply scroll down the list to find the region you're interested in. The map on the right will update to help you identify the location of that region. Once you select a map, it will appear full screen, without any menus on the side.

This tvOS app comes bundled with the Wine Maps iOS app!

What regions are included?
- Overall World Map
- Overall Europe Map
- Central and Eastern Europe Map

Old World - 15 Countries, and 61 Regions:

- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- France
(with fifteen main subregions, and further sub-subregions. Eleven from Bordeaux and six from Burgundy),
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Italy
(with nineteen subregions)
- Moldova
- Portugal
- Romania
- Spain
(with ten subregions)
- Slovenia
- Switzerland

New World - 8 Countries, and 35 Regions:

- Argentina
- Australia
(with four subregions),
- Canada
(with subregion Ontario)
- Chile
- Mexico
- New Zealand
- South Africa
(with subregions of sixteen states, and fourteen subregions of California)

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