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Santa Voicemail

パブリッシャー: VoiceoverGuy
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Santa Voicemail is the No.1 FREE App to allow your little ones to leave a voicemail for Santa.
(with a little santa magic)

You can call Santa's mobile or you can try his Workshop. You will hear Santa's recorded message and a tone and it's up to you to decide how long to let your children leave their message. Then simply hang up the call to hear Santa sign off. (nothing is actually recorded so you help create the magic)

Call the Naughty List Hotline to clear your name off the list

If using on the new Apple TV, then maybe tell your little one to talk into the new remote.


Please checkout the Santa Radio, Sleeps till Santa, Santa Hotline, Santa soundboard and Just ask Santa Apps too.

**Parents: Please note, this won't actually connect you to Santa in the North Pole. You also will NOT be charged for anything as no call is made, it's all produced with built in sound effects and 'Santa Magic!'.

You may also hear our Santa on BBC Radio 1 & Radio 1Xtra, Radio 2, Blinkbox Music, ItIsOn and the Heart Radio Network to name but a few.

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