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Balloonimal Babies are as much fun as the original Balloonimals and even cuter! Kids create these delightful baby animals by using the Apple TV remote to inflate brightly colored balloons and help them take shape one step at a time. Friends and family can take turns guessing which animal will appear next. Will it be a bunny? An elephant? A panda? 6 Balloonimal Babies in all.

The fun continues as kids swipe to see their Balloonimal Babies come to life. Watch them dance, play ball, draw and more. Ready for the next Balloonimal Baby? Start clicking to see your Balloonimal Baby inflate little by little, until…POP!

Balloonimal Babies is designed to:
- impart creative control as kids take part in bringing each Balloonimal Baby to life
- encourage curiosity as kids guess what each animal will be
- generate laughter with a band of lovable Balloonimal Babies
- encourage play in either solo or group settings

About IDEOko:
IDEOko Balloonimals was created by a team of educators, designers and toy experts in our Toy Lab who design apps that promote creative confidence. Our apps encourage kids’ natural tendencies towards curiosity, play, and imagination, making them a favorite of both kids and parents.

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