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Numerics for Apple TV is a realtime team dashboard to help team members stay focused on team goals and their statuses.

Optimized for boardroom and office walls, Numerics for Apple TV is especially designed to be presented on large screens in a unique, big screen UI.

- Design dashboards on your iPhone or iPad and have them available on the Apple TV using iCloud Sync.

- Not just numbers - Numerics offers 9 unique visualizations of your data so you can stay updated with a quick glance.
- Pie charts
- Gauges
- Timers
- Line graphs
- Funnel lists
- Month density graphs
- Day density graphs
- Text labels
- Number tallies with change indicators

- Each widget is designed to be focusable; interact with each KPI using the Apple TV Siri Remote’s Touch Surface. Swipe left or right. Up or down. Click to zoom.

- Customize the dashboard on the TV by making a KPI widget extra large - click and hold the Touch Surface to toggle between sizes.

- Unique to Numerics for Apple TV, the slideshow mode automatically scrolls through full screen KPIs on a dashboard. Use the Play/Pause button on the Siri remote to start a slideshow.

- Unique flipper control powered by Siri Remote gestures to flip through full screen KPIs.

- Beautiful high resolution 4K visuals on the new Apple TV 4K.

- Display team dashboards on displays in vertical setting using the new experimental Portrait mode with full support for Siri Remote. Turn the setting on and hold the Siri Remote in landscape mode to navigate through the app!

- Universal app and purchases - if you own Numerics or Numerics Pro on the iPhone or iPad, the Apple TV app is yours to use! Download and get started.

- Pre-installed demo dashboards. Get a preview of Numerics on Apple TV with the pre-bundled demo dashboards.

- Display team dashboards in a vertical setting with the new experimental Portrait mode in Numerics for Apple TV with full support for Siri remote. Turn the setting on and hold the Siri Remote in landscape mode to navigate through the app!

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