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When you are not using your Apple TV to watch TV or movies, why not using it as a streaming device for your home security cameras?

DVR.Webcam is a cloud-based DVR (digital video recorder) app that uses Apple's iCloud as its cloud storage. The app turns your Apple TV into a cloud-based surveillance tool and monitoring tool that will stream and store live video from your security cameras.

Unlike other cloud-based DVR solutions, the app does NOT require monthly fees to store your recording. It simply uses spare storage on your iCloud account.

The app supports up to 3 IP cameras (MJPEG, JPEG, or H.264) on your network, and it can record and stream them simultaneously.

The app automatically records camera’s video and audio, and streams it over to your personal iCloud account. You can define X number of days to keep the DVR recordings in the cloud, and the software will automatically manage the storage for you.

You can view your DVR recordings stored on iCloud within the app itself. You can even view live recording remotely from web. For example, you can use your Apple TV as the DVR recorder at home, and use your iPhone or iPad (or Windows or Mac computer) for remote viewing when you are away.

There is no need to configure firewall or router for remote viewing. Recording is secured within iCloud, and therefore it is still available even if your device is stolen.

The free app supports up to 8 hours of DVR recording. Unlimited recording can be upgraded via a one-time in-app purchase.


* Support up to 3 IP cameras (MJPEG, JPEG and H.264 cameras).
* Audio support for H.264 cameras.
* Three recording modes: Continuous, Scheduled and Motion-trigged.
* Motion detection with email alert.
* Store recordings to your personal iCloud account.
* Remote viewing and playback from web using your iCloud account.
* Free up to 8 hours of continuous recording.
* Support large number of IP cameras models such as Axis, Foscam, Trendnet, D-Link, Panasonic, Geovision, etc.

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