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The infield standard was first made in 1845. Alexander Cartwright, a banker in New York, USA, created 20 baseball rules by creating a baseball team called the Knickerbocker baseball club. The Nickelbacker Club decided on the 4th clause that the baseball court size was to be "42 steps from home to second base, 42 steps from first base to third base". Calculating one foot at 3 feet, the distance between the basses is 89.1 feet, almost the same as the current baseball field (90 feet).

It is still unclear why the Knickerbocker Club created a baseball court based on the '42 step '. I think that the 'range' that the defenders are able to put out the batter when the ordinary batting came out was made through the experience of the game.

90 feet is the 'optimal and very scientific distance' for the fun of modern baseball. It takes about 4 seconds for the batter to hit the ball and get to the first base. The batter runs with all his power, and the infielder catches the ball as fast as possible to throw the batter out and throws it to the first base. This '4-second game' is always so exciting that out or safe is decided by a quick drive.

The same is true of stealing. It takes about 3.3 seconds to run 27.43m from first bases to second bases if a player runs 100m in 12 seconds. The time it takes for the pitcher to pitch to the second baseman is 3.3 seconds. In the baseball field created 164 years ago, there is always a crying and smiling game in 0.1 second.

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