Silly Saucers

パブリッシャー: Digital Smoke LLC
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Save The World from the Silly Saucers. From the makers of 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling. The silly saucers have got lost and ended up perilously close to Earth! Show them the way back home with your photon laser cannons. Why are these silly bug eyed aliens flying their saucers so close to major cities? Who cares? Shoot first, ask questions later! Blast saucer after silly saucer to smithereens in high speed, arcade action. Games are fast and furious. The finely tuned difficulty curve will challenge you and keep you coming back for more and more alien annihilation.

Use your Apple TV remote held horizontally to blast the saucers out of the sky with the Touchpad to fire at the left crosshairs and the Play/Pause button to fire at the right. Alternatively, use the left and right shoulder buttons on an optional Game Controller.

Uses the iCloud to synchronize your hi-scores and game progress between all your iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.

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