Auto Repair

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Feel like a Car Mechanic.
See what is broken in the engine, bolt up and pump up the wheel, patch up the pipe in the chassis, change the broken glass, find the way to the ice-cream shop and much more. Fix all the 21 faults in the 4 cars.

"This is a fast, fun, irreverent app with some hidden surprises that encourage frequent visits; in other words, you'll get a lot of mileage out of this well designed app." - Children's Technology Review

“Auto Repair is the perfect fun app for the budding little mechanic and along the way inspires creativity and problem solving.” - The iPhone App Review

"Auto Repair is a cute app for kids that allows them to get creative as they fix and repair a variety of cars. With lots of fun accessories, shapes, and challenges to complete, this app is one that will not only allow children to use their fine motor skills, but also tap into their creativity as they add fun lights, exhaust shapes, bolts etc. to fix each car" - Best Apps For Kids

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