Birthday Cake Party

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Wuhuuu !!!
Excited for a birthday party? How can a birthday be celebrated without the yummy cake? Lets play Bithday Cake Party and have hours and hours of fun and joy. This game will let you make your favorite and delicious ice-cream cakes.
Yes you can select your favorite shape for your yummy ice-cream cake, it can be a Square-shaped, Heart-shaped,Circle-shaped,Star-shaped.

Your favorite shaped ice-cream cake is now ready to bake!!
Bake it in the oven and after baking your tasty ice-cream cake, Now its time to select a flavor ,Yes you can select your favorite ice-cream flavor to make your ice-cream cake scrumptious , You can choose between different creams such as chocolate, Mango, Pear, Orange, Grapes, Cherry, banana.

You can decorate your favorite ice-cream cake with your choice. Now your self made yummy ice-cream cake is ready and we hope it will make your PARTY.

Have a blast of fun!!

DOWNLOAD NOW !!! have awesome fun :-)

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