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Piano Tiles TV

パブリッシャー: Yuriy Desnenko
価格: トップ無料


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Attention, great news!

Piano Tiles TV now on Apple TV!

Sabzira is the team behind Piano Tiles for Apple TV. A terrific idea, but don’t poke your finger at the TV, use the remote control
- a great gameplay: swipe to jump to another tile, tap to complete a long tile, have fun and enjoy Piano Tiles TV;
- a tremendous look: piano skins are selectable from the settings menu;
- Training mode: learn to play Piano Tiles TV for Apple TV, it’s easy and it’s fun;
- One-Player mode with three collections of songs: classics, for kids, pop hits, play your favorite tunes;
- Two-Player mode: compete with a friend playing your favorite tunes;
- compare your results with other players in the Game Center;
- choose from a variety of fancy cursors in the settings menu.

Dear players, we’ve been working for you day and night for several months, we took the most popular tunes from Piano Tiles: Piano Tiles by Sabzira and Piano Tiles 2: Marseillaise, and now you can play on Apple TV .

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