Simple Smoothies

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Do you love smoothies? Then you're going to love this app! Simple Smoothie Making comes with 10 delicious smoothie recipes!

Within this app we've included STEP BY STEP instructional videos, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can go wrong.

Included are a Green Smoothie & Green Juices for Weight Loss. Improve your health with our Detox Smoothie! Try the Fat Burner or the Hangover Cure! We even have a Tan Booster Smoothie to get ready for your summer body.

Every smoothie comes with a list of ingredients, the preparations needed for your smoothie and the instructions on how to make it. We've also included some fun and informative step by step videos!

The 10 incredible Simple Smoothie Making recipes which are:

- Digestive Smoothie
- Hangover Smoothie
- Tan Booster
- Fat Burner
- Detox Smoothie
- Tropical Smoothie
- Berrylicious Smoothie
- Sweet Milkshake Smoothie
- Coffee Lovers
- Weight Loss Smoothie

*Simple Smoothie Making - 10 Smoothies - Get Healthier Today! Green Smoothie & Green Juices for Weight Loss. Improve health with our Detox Smoothie. Try the Fat Burner or Hangover Cure! Tan Booster for your summer body.*

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