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Sky News Arabia provides a comprehensive coverage of local and global news headlines through our network of more than 250 journalists, and television broadcasts to more than 50 million homes.

In addition, it brings you breaking news quickly and accurately from the heart of the event and provides news of the region and the world in various fields: politics, sport, economy, health, technology and life.

Main features:

Watch live or recorded TV for Sky News Arabia in high resolution, or listen to the broadcast from anywhere around the world.

· Provide direct coverage for several different events with the event selection feature you would like to see.

· Provide the latest news and videos categorized by topics, as follows: Latest videos, most viewed, editors' selection, and related videos.

· Follow up the latest episodes of your favorite programs on Sky News Arabia.

· Send videos from your phone application to the TV app.

· Ability to search for videos via application search engine.

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