TV Aquarium

パブリッシャー: James Jensen
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With this aquarium app you can turn your tv into a home aquarium for FREE! I built this app because I love aquariums and loved having them in my home. This app simulates that experience by playing 6 different videos on a continuous loop with the sound of running water in the background.

It is a soothing experience that you are sure to enjoy. You might even start naming the fish!

- 6 FREE Videos
- 3 different sound scenes: water, lullaby and ocean
- Use the lullaby sound to soothe fussy or colicky children
- Videos play on a continuous loop. This means the fish stay on your screen until you close the app.
- Choice of sounds to pick the soothing environment that is right for you
- A wide variety of underwater life, and different sound options, you can pick what suits your preference.
- All videos stored locally on your device. You won't have to depend on an internet connection to enjoy your fish.

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