UniPlayer - IPTV/OTT Solution

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Meet the brand new UniPlayer! The best player to watch IPTV or OTT playlists on Apple TV.
Player was completely redesigned with an excellent balance between convenience and simplicity. Also, there were added many innovations that you will love.

• Sync
Just add a new playlist and it will be instantly available on all your devices.
• Program Guide
Tired of looking for a new program guide every week? We also took care of this - you can view it directly in the application.
• Archives
Watch your favorite show even if you missed it. We maintain archives of a dozen providers.
• Parental control
Protect your children from inappropriate content.
• What to watch?
UniPlayer can advise you to watch something interesting right now by making a selection of shows or films based on their rating.
• Clear management
Convenient and intuitive control of the application’s functionality!
• Manage your playlists
You can create, edit and delete your playlists from the website or application.
• Support service
Our support team is always open for any questions related to the use of the application. If something doesn’t work for you, or if something remains unclear, we will always help you!

IMPORTANT: UniPlayer does not provide built-in playlists. You can contact your television provider or find it on the Internet.

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