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Vocabulary Flash Card for English

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The use of the flash card method has a proven track record for improving intelligence. Expand your knowledge at your own pace -- while sipping your coffee, commuting your way to work, or even before bedtime!

The Flash Card application for appleTV is based on the Doman/Shichida method which has been used by a lot of families in the past for educating their children.

The English Vocabulary application for appleTV application follows the flash card method. You are accompanied by an English voice -- either female or male voice -- as you flip through the cards. English Vocabulary Flash Card application is ideal for those who would like to learn English as their secondary language.

Using our Flash Card applications eliminate the difficulties you may experience in using the manual type (not the appleTV application). You don't have to worry about your fingers covering the contents, as well as losing or damaging the cards.

It is most effective for a child to use these flash card applications from ages 0-2. However, there is no age limit in starting because it makes the right brain active. These applications can also be used in rapid reading training. You can set the pace on how fast the cards will be displayed or set the order to random for added challenge.

Learning doesn't end at school. These flash card applications are good references for kids. For parents, providing a couple of examples shown in the flash cards is one effective way to teach their child.

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