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Our collection of princess games for girls is bigger today with one of the most complete princess dress up games called Princess Fashion Mall Shopping where you can go to the mall and have fun shopping colorful clothes, fancy shoes, elegant purses or shining accessories.

First step in this kind of princess fashion games is in our virtual makeup salon. There are all tools that you need for a perfect makeup. What would you like to try ? Blue, yellow, purple or orange ? Combine and match colors and lipstick and see the results : after this level of our princess makeup games you can see how a pretty doll can look like a real princess.

The second level of our fashion games for girls is about shopping. In Mall you will find various stores with dresses, shoes, purse or necklaces. Visit one after other, choose what you like, match the color of clothes with fancy purses and put them in big bags. At the end of this level of our princess fashion games, you will be ready to go home and try all these dresses .

The last part in this genre of princess games is like in all our dress up games. You have your own fashion studio, with a big wardrobe full of clothes and accessories. What would you like to try ? A red dress with blue shoes and yellow purse ? Don't forget a stunning necklace to complete a gorgeous look. Create your personal style and make your favorite princess to look fabulous !

Princess Fashion Games - Mall Shopping features :
- a virtual mall where you can go to shopping
- a complete makeup salon for princess makeup games
- colorful makeup box and various colors of lipstick
- different stores with clothes, purses and shoe like in all our shopping games
- your own fashion studio for princess dress up games
- easy to play for all those girls that like princess games

We think that you will like our princess games, so please write in your comments what do you want to find in this kind of fashion games. We will read them and we will try to give you everything you want.


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