Storybook - Bedtime Stories & Baby Sleep Massage

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"The #1 app for PARENTS in over 60 countries"

The perfect combination of bedtime stories and the benefits of children massage. Improve the sleeping habits and strengthen the relationship you have with baby. Many kids growing up go through several physical and emotional issues, these stories allow you to help your kids through special and magical moments.

Storybook has MORE THAN 20 FREE BEDTIME STORIES and massage techniques for 0-12 year old children. The app is very easy to use, just repeat the movements on the videos and listen to the voice and music with your kids. New free stories updated constantly!

Get more stories!

Inside the app, there are optional story packs (four stories each pack) for purchase in case you want new adventures.

• Produces a deeper sleep and minimizes nightmares
• Relieves muscle pain and headaches (without medication!)
• Reduces stress of parents and children
• Improves mood and home environment
• Stimulates the digestive system alleviates abdominal pain and gases
• Develops the motor system and avoids fatigue
• Increases and strengthens children’s self-esteem effectively
• Controls hyperactivity
• Boosts the respiratory system

The Touch Research Institute has shown that infant massage reduces STRESS, lowers cortisol levels and contributes to the neurological and muscular DEVELOPMENT of babies and children.

In addition, telling stories before bedtime is an excellent exercise to create positive memories during childhood and strengthen the relationship between parents and their kids.

STORYBOOK combines these two activities to generate a unique moment that will improve your children's emotional and physical health.

More than 50,000 families use Storybook! 80% of the users affirm their children's sleep has improved since they use the app.

---> Get to know story behind Storybook and its founder here:

Storybook is improving the sleep and emotional bond of thousands of children worldwide.

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