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With 📹 BIGVU teleprompter (pronounced big view), make pro-quality videos in minutes.

Key features :
- video teleprompter app : Read your script from a smart teleprompter and record a video clip from the front-facing camera at the same time. Change text scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording video, lock auto-exposure.
- video maker : capture multiple video takes & choose the best for your vlog or video marketing strategy.
- video creator studio : add captions automatically 💬, titling overlays , lower 3rd headlines,
- music background : add a copyright free music track behind your narration to give an emotional touch to your narration.
- boost audio levels : maximize audio levels when you record the video from a distance without an external microphone.
- chroma key : if you record with a green background, replace the green color with any image or video loop using our advanced chroma key subtraction algorithm.
- social video editor : optimize for social media, change your video format to square, vertical or horizontal to increase the impact of your Facebook or Instagram videos. Add sub-titles automatically.
- video marketing : download in one click an MP4 file to upload in Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove, Kaltura, Buffer, Hootsuite, WIX, Vimeo and others.
- one-click export to your device camera roll, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger or WhatsApp.
- cloud storage: upload your clips to to free up space on your device. BIGVU cloud online video maker to create a video complete slideshow with photos, videos and captions. is easily accessible through a computer with the same user and password.
- online video editor : access from a computer to create awesome videos with visuals, and stunning text graphics. Our web-based video maker will let you mix your presentations with photos, video shots, motion titling and tweets.
- automatic closed-captions and subtitles : BIGVU generates a perfectly synched transcript of your video with automatic subtitles , that you can edit for fine-tuning.
- video collaborative newsroom : get your script written by a fellow colleague in your newsroom automatically right in your prompter video maker app.

More than 350.000 business all sizes use BIGVU (pronounced big view) to make thousands of videos everyday ▶ :
- 💡marketing video builders and video marketing consultants
- 🎓 coachers and teachers, e-learning and training video creators
- 💰video sales pro for sales pitches and customer testimonials
- 🎯 public speakers
- 😀social video makers
- 🎤video bloggers
- ✍ vlogs
- 📺youtube video creators
- 📹 mobile journalists.
- 🚏mobile reporters on the field reporting on breaking news
- 👨‍🎨 artists recording video profiles and casting performances.
- ⏩ explanation or commentary video makers
- 👥 video curriculum makers for job application or human ressource management

Check our FAQ or our website
Subscribe to our YouTube channels for training videos on how to make great videos with BIGVU teleprompter :

Plans :
- Free - BIGVU is the best free teleprompter app for Android, iPad and iPhone : write scripts, record videos using the prompter, and export to social media or your device. A BIGVU logo is recorded on all the videos.
- Starter (Monthly or Yearly) - All the necessary tools to create video presentations with just smartphone, teleprompter, professional titling, logo, audio level maximization, music backgrounds, and a business card outro animation with your logo and contact details. All videos recorded after subscribing will not have the BIGVU logo anymore.

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