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An easy way to view and save tabs and chords on your android device.
With "Chords" you can build your repertoire and have access them offline whenever you want.

Optimized for mobile phones and tablets "Chords" ensures access to your music in an organized and compact way.

Search for music on the Internet using one of the partner sites or import text files containing the songs you want to play on your guitar.

Join your friends and spend hours of fun playing and singing the best songs.

Main features:

♫ Creation of a local repertorie of tabs: save your SD card.
♫ Quick search: search new tabs online. (ncluding voice search)
♫ Import text files with their tabs (.txt) following the standard:
_ First line of the file-name = "{music-name} - {artist-name}, for example: "Capital Inicial - Natasha."
♫ Transpose: all the chords are swapped automatically (beta feature).
♫ Customizable viewer tabs (choose background color or the font color of their figures, divided into two columns or adjust the font size).
♫ Autoscrool: choice of automatic speed scrolling.
♫ Tap control: quick tap on the screen (just a touch on the top half or bottom of the screen to the figure forward / rewind).
♫ Clean and customization of the cipher (remove unnecessary information for its execution).
♫ Facebook button: Share your moments playing musics.
♫ Youtube button: Search your songs on youtube.
♫ Portrait and landscape modes supported
♫ Create your user list: Organize a list of songs.
♫ Play tabs and chords
♫ Link to mp3 files
♫ Backup and restore

We thank the following sites and for their support in the project:
_ ClickGratis

Good luck and good music!

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