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Automatic Call Recorder lets you record incoming & outgoing phone calls automatically. This auto call recording app works on all android phones like Android 9, Samsung S10, S9+. Download auto call recorder now to easily record phone calls from both sides with clear voice. Call Recorder is easy and records phone calls clearly.
Automatic Call Recorder also provides functions like play, share, delete, rename call recordings, multiple audio format & recording strategy. Never worry about missing important phone calls. Automatic Call Recorder is great for business. You can also use call recorder as legal evidence and sweet memory between friends and family. Enjoy free call recording app.
Call Recorder is the only call recording app which works on all Android 9 phones.
Automatic Call Recorder Features
★ Record incoming & outgoing calls
✔Auto call recording - record all phone calls anytime anywhere
★ Add recordings to favorites
✔Add important phone call recording to favorites
★ Recycle bin
✔Deleted phone call recordings will go to the recycle bin
✔Retrieve the recordings that you deleted by mistake
★ Special list
✔Only record phone calls between numbers in special list
★ Recording delay
✔Begin phone call recording when you wants to
★ Share & Manage phone call recordings
✔Play call recordings anytime
✔Share call recordings via social apps with your friends
✔Delete call recordings
✔Play backward or forward
★ Unlimited calling duration
✔No limit on how many phone call recordings you make
✔No limit on each call recording
Automatic Call Recorder supports Samsung models recently updated to 9.0 including the Note4, Note5, Note8, S5, S6 & S7, S8, S9 variants. Set recording strategy to "Native plus" manually if "Native" doesn't work. Also, enable speaker when recording if you can’t hear from the other side.
Please grant accessibility permission if it fails to get phone numbers for your recordings.

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