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Professional-Instructor “Gehri Bootsschule” specialising in boats theory and practical lessons in Switzerland! With almost 100% success rate for first time passes.

Including the new theory questions in the format of Multiple-choice for the Boat theory exam 2020.

*** Learn all the theory questions for the boat theory exam in a time saving and intelligent way***

***For Motorboat Category A and Sailboat category D***

***Questions and answers for the boat theory exam 2020***

*** Optimized Presentation for Android Tablets***

• More than 530 up-to-date theory questions Multiple-choice ensure optimum preparation for the boat’s theory examination throughout Switzerland.
• The complete collection of questions are from the official examination questions and taken from the Inland Navigation Ordinance build of 04 April. 2017.
• Detailed explanatory texts with photographs and illustrations show you the connections between the questions.
• Simple user interface: The operation of the app is self-explanatory and optimized for smartphones and tablets.
• You can memorize tricky questions in the app and practice them again later.
• Thanks to the test mode, you can familiarize yourself with the test situation right from the start.
Tablets: Simulated test mode as close as possible to the official theory test exam.
• Thanks to many photographs and illustrations from practice you learn without additional expenditure, also good for the practical boat examination!
• Automatic updates for new theory questions.
• Once installed, the app works without an internet connection.
• Languages: German - English - French - Italian

For additional information go to

Responsible of the publication: Andreas Gehri, boating instructor since 1994.

Important notes
• In Switzerland a driver’s licence is required to use boats with more than 6 kW of power or with more than 15 m2 of sail area.
• A theory and a practical exam are required. The theory exams are the same for both powerboats and sailing boats and the test questions are the same all over Switzerland.
• The official offices conduct theory exams.
• The way questions are put on App is as close as possible to the way they are in the official exam.

If you have any Questions, comments or suggestions for improvement of my App, please send me an email:
Responsible of the publication: Andreas Gehri, boating instructor since 1994.

We wish you success and fun while learning and fair winds!

Andreas Gehri
Author and Boat Driving Instructor with Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training

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