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The free app for Bonitas members. A new and improved way to access your information and connect to your Medical Aid services. The member app is all about convenience:

A Medication Scanner recognise your medication instantly
Pill reminders schedule your treatment, keep a medication diary
Medication List never forget your meds again, show your list to your Doctor
Appointment bookings at your favourite Healthcare provider and rate your experience
Network providers see nearby providers that your plan covers
Document Library access your most important documents from wherever you are
Digital Membership Card your details and beneficiaries are now in your pocket all the time

The new Bonconnect📱

At Bonitas we want to make sure you have the best experience possible when you need assistance. We redesigned the Bonconnect to make it faster and easier to:

- Chat to a support hero who can answer your questions and help you find your way
- Get answers right away from your health team
- Avoid making long calls to a callcenter
- Ask about recent claims
- Get information about bills, benefits, and authorisations

Medical Aid 📊

The app is a simple, intuitive and more personal way to get information about your plan and your health.

- Make same-day bookings for your primary health care needs
- Find the closest pharmacy
- Find in-network providers
- See everything in one place
- Track your spending
- Understand your benefits
- Unlock new benefits
- Email, print and share your Medical Aid documents from your phone
- Save and access information for emergency contacts
- Get important information for you and everyone on your plan

Safe and secure 🔒

We use the latest technology in secure mobile applications to protect your personal health info while online or off

Committed to serving you 😇

We are dedicated to helping our members to improve their health and well-being. The app is the best way to stay on top of your health and Medical Aid.

Our Plans 🐱‍🏍

Bonitas Primary, Bonitas Primary Select, Bonitas Standard, Bonitas Standard Select, BonFit Select, BonSave, BonComplete, BonClassic, BonComprehensive, Bonitas Hospital Standard, BonEssential, BonEssential Select and BonCap.


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