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ASO (アプリストア最適化)







⏩The 'Like Nastya' Video Call & Chat Like's Nasty'a Simulator is a simple application directed to fans like-nastya

⏩ If you love ❤❤ watching Like Nastya and Diana and roma, felipe neto's ,BTS, Me contro Te Challenge, you will also love the new game of one of these characters' best friends:
Like Nastya, Our application simulates an incoming call, where the caller is the main character of the game. You can sue him to enjoy your friends! Set the call time and answer a false call with Like Nastya Florida, U.S✌!

⏩This is a easy app that help you simulate receiving phone calls and video calls and chatting with Like Nastya and irmãos Neto's Brazilian , you can also play a funny arcade game that you will find in the menu,in this game you will have the possibility to play using the Like Nastya character, the game have many levels and hight quality design, and all the app can be used offline mode.

💥 'like nastya' talking & Video Call & Chat Simulator Prank Diana & roma
💥 Run the application normally.
💥 I set the call.
💥like nastya"s talking voices will be played when you answer the call.
💥 video of talking " like nastya" in her house will be played when you
answer the call.
💥 have a texting conversation with The like nastya
💥Answer the fake incoming call from the like nastya,fgteevs six nine,s

⚠⚠ Note :
This app is mainly for entertainment, If we infringe copyright,
let us know on our Email in the privacy policy and it will be removed immediately.

Thank You !

ASO (アプリストア最適化)

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