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Rocanda's best-selling LandTracker Pro app is now available on the Android platform! Navigate to any LSD or BC NTS coordinate in Western Canada. Rocanda LandTracker Pro conversion software allows you to convert any LSD or BC NTS location into a corresponding latitude/longitude coordinate which you can then input into any mapping or navigation program, or view in Google Maps.

PLEASE INSTALL THE PROGRAM TO MAIN MEMORY NOT TO AN SD CARD. The new update only works when installed to main memory as the added features require this to be done.

With the press of a button you can view the conversion results from Rocanda LandTracker Pro in the Google Maps application on your phone or tablet and get the corresponding driving directions to the well.

It also works with MapQuest which has the range and township roads on it that Google has lost recently. Simply Download MapQuest for free and when you export a coordinate you can select either Google Maps or MapQuest.

Additionally, LandTracker Pro features a reverse converter so you know what LSD you are physically at, as well as the ability to save favorite LSDs or BC NTS coordinates.

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