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Pujada of the Puig Major is a driving simulator recreating the mythical mountain race that takes place on the highest summit of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands – Spain. The circuit, 5,5 kilometers-long, is in a section of the Ma-10 road, that unites the Sóller and Lluch localities. The start line of the race is located in the coordinates 39°46'52.2"N 2°42'41.6"E. In this simulator, we replicated the exact dimensions, proportions and curve angles of the original road. All of this to recreate, with exactitude, the experience of driving this road. During the first weekend of October, the road becomes a racing circuit.

The Pujada of the Puig Major, is a regulated and official test that belongs to the hill climb category. In this event, all kinds of competition vehicles can participate and the drivers are by themselves, fighting against the clock. There are finished vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Evo and prototypes like the Norma N20 F. The winner of this competition is the fastest driver to go through the circuit. In this app, the route is precisely recreated and the user can drive through the circuit with one of these vehicles. Its main goal is to drive through the entire circuit within the smallest amount of time.

The Pujada to the Puig Major is the most traditional automobile event of the Balearic Islands. The first competition took place in 1963 and was organized by the Racc of Catalunya. Its leadership subsequently went to the motor-racing team of the Serra de Tramuntana and in 2019, the race is celebrating its 40th anniversary. In order to celebrate this huge milestone, we created an app to allow anyone to know and enjoy this great and fun challenge.

Download and experience the true sensations of the competition and be a part of our great motorsport family. We’re all Pujada Puig Major!

Are you ready? Show us who’s the fastest!

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