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Simple stopwatch is new addition in your daily usage apps. Ignore the typical chronometer and count time with this elegant backgrounds stopwatch. A simple stopwatch that you can use in any situation you see fit. This free stopwatch has the functionality to start, stop and reset at your desire. Small in size, yet flexible for all phones and tablets, this stopwatch can be easily utilized with one hand while running laps, timing speed runs, workouts, cooking, and much more.

Where to use Simple Stopwatch chronometer:
This Free Stopwatch is very useful in daily life for tracking activities. You can use it as study hours counter, gym exercise time, running, jogging, meeting duration, lap counter, breath stop competition, and physical games like cricket, football and on many more occasions. Very simple and easy to use lap counter will be your next choice in daily usage apps. Simple Screen Stopwatch is a simple stopwatch and countdown timer for common daily needs. The screen display interface is easy to operate with basic functions, Start, Stop, Pause/Resume, Lap, and Reset. This application will still run when the screen lock is on and it is the game changer feature that stopwatch will not stopped even you kill the app. Enjoy this free and simple stopwatch with laps.

Features of Simple Stopwatch time counter:

- Totally free
- No ads
- Simple and easy to use lap counter
- Custom backgrounds of your choice
- Best chronometer for study hours tracking
- Use everywhere
- Available everywhere and no limitations
- Infinite laps count
- Share your counter records
- Stopwatch and Timer runs in background.
- Colorful themes
- Time presets

Easy Stopwatch is easy to use and has a very accurate and responsive reading. Simple Stopwatch chronometer is useful for students taking practical, sports, cooking, running, study, gym workout, home workout, meditation, gaming, and you are all needs, which are related to timing needs. Select the display that most suits your taste. An easy-to-use stopwatch with an intuitive interface. You can change the background and choose the best one of your choice. The stopwatch features simple and quick controls, clean and reliable.

Custom backgrounds:

This simple and free stopwatch is specially developed for you to make your life stylish and comfortable with amazing features. Change any background, which are available in this time counter app. These backgrounds are like themes for chronometer. Enjoy this free stopwatch time and track your time. It’s great for productivity booster.

Hope, you will like our efforts that we put in this stopwatch app, as it is the result of great android app development and design expertise. Share with your friends and family. If you have any suggestion to improve this time counter chronometer then let us know your feedback.


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