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芸能人 老化アプリ アプリ 写真

パブリッシャー: ZoomyZoom
価格: トップ無料


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Make me Old ∘ Selfie Face App
Are you curious to know how will you look when you get old or want to see your old face? If you've ever wondered what you will look like in 70 years, then our new app 👵 Make me Old ∘ Selfie Face App 👵 is the perfect program for you. With this super cool "photo editor" app you can make yourself or your friends old.

Using "Make me Old ∘ Selfie Face App" you can know how you will look when you will cross the 60 or 70 year age and will have wrinkle all over your face. Get photos from your camera or import them from the gallery and start your "photo editing" right now!

With this fun and nice "photo booth", you can become decades older.
You can import a photo from your gallery or shoot a new one with your camera. Then let the aging process begin - beards, mustaches, glasses, gray hair, old skin, all at your disposal to make you old.

It's very easy to use this funny photo editing app:
👴 The best free photo editor you could find!
👴 Add picture through gallery or Camera.
👴 Choose effects that make you old.
👴 Save pictures to your device or SD card.
👴 Share your funny pictures with your friends via social networks.

You will be shocked after seeing yourself as 70 years old. To change your or your friend's face like an old person use this "age me" app. You will look aged and funny with a beard on the face and with mustache also.

Add mustache, eyebrows, glasses, gray hair, wrinkles, and other things and make "funny photos"!

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