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ABC 123 Kids - Learn Alphabet and Numbers for Kids

パブリッシャー: App3arabi Interactive
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ABC 123 Kids - Learn Alphabet and Numbers for Kids is good app for the toddlers to practice and learn the basics of English Language. Kids could learn the pronunciation of Alphabets and Numbers.

Looking for a safe kids activity that your child can engage in is a tricky task. But with App3arabi app, its child-friendly content & educational activities and kids stories.

Try out this fun educational learning app with your children. Your baby will recognize different numbers and letters and will enjoy playing with colorful pieces. This is the classic children's learning game so it is quite educational for preschool and kindergarten kids.

Learn Numbers 123 Count & Trace kids game is a fun all-in-one easy to play app designed for kids, that’s perfect for preschool, toddler and kindergarten kids.123 Numbers is the best numbers educational app for children along with tracing, counting and drawing.

Are you looking for fun free and simple educational help to help your toddler to learn alphabets and letters.

ABC 123 Kids - Learn Alphabet and Numbers for Kids is a family app that suits all ages with educational games for kids, games for toddlers & learning games for pre-schoolers. ABC 123 Kids - Learn Alphabet and Numbers for Kids is where your child will learn the Arabic letters, shapes & colors, animal sounds, & much more while enjoying every second of it.
ABC 123 Kids - Learn Alphabet and Numbers for Kids app offers the best games for kids. Your child will enjoy playing games, listening to native english numbers and alphabet songs & pronunciation.

Abc 123 kids is a free alphabets and number teaching app that makes learning fun for children from the toddler all the way to preschoolers and kindergarten, any toddler kindergartener or preschool age child can learn english alphabet by simply using abc 123 kid app, abc kids is more than jus a kid friendly educational app.

Counting numbers for nursery kids toddler or preschool child is a numbers learning app for kids to learn the numbers, tracing, counting. Learning numbers for kids! Writing Counting Games! - happy kindergarten games, which will help to learn to count. While playing with little numbers your child learn to write numbers with early learning math games for kids. Number games for kids to learn is best early education for babies. Children count the objects and tap on each one to learn numbers in a preschool friendly counting game for early learning

This game will help your baby develop thinking, tactile and fine motor skills. Notice how they learn animals, transportation means, professions and fruits while playing. Babies and toddlers can have fun playing for a long time. Some of the blocks your baby will play with

* Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics activate the right brain. Improve the brain's observation skills, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.
* Easy navigation between puzzles
* Easily manageable puzzle pieces
* High quality appealing graphics
* Soft and stimulating sounds
* +40 amazing pages
* Lot of stickers
* Voices in english
* Simple and convenient, easy to operate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their families and friends to play together.
* for everyone relaxing and creativity development
* easy-to-use for all of ages
* Adapted for all smartphones and tablets, any screen resolution
* Improve the response speed and the coordination of the brain and the body. Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamic objects.
* All numbers and letters learning pages are for free NOW!

Here, at App3arabi, we aim to provide a safe edutainment experience for kids during the age under 13 years. Conserve the Arabic language & culture, develop and improve the concentration, memory and cognitive skills of children as well as their self-esteem, and lastly provide a safe & ad-free platform for children to learn new things.

abc 123

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