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★ ★ ★PlanPad, your professional note-taking tool!★ ★ ★

Swiftly create notes with Plan Pad! Notes can be sorted by color and categories, allowing you to locate and share at any time! Be it for study or work, Plan Pad is a necessary tool for your phone.

✨Our functions include:

1. Swipe to Create
To maximize efficiency while not missing out on the moment, you don’t have to open Plan Pad to create your notes. A swipe is all you need to bring out the floating window and note down your ideas! You can change your device settings to create notes through the sidebar, notification bar, or a widget to achieve the easiest and most efficient way to record notes.

2. Humanized Input
Plan Pad provides various note-taking methods such as text, speech, and image recognition.
Plan Pad has a humanized audio input compared to other similar products in the market.
General note-taking applications only allow one audio input at a time. However, Plan Pad supports segmented audio input paired with speech recognition, which instantaneously converts audio into text. Test results proved its accuracy as high as 96.1%.

3. Easy Management
After using regular note-taking apps so long, it can be difficult to manage and search after accumulating too many notes. Plan Pad not only allows you to color-code notes, it also sorts them based on priority levels and categories. Most importantly, Plan Pad is able to conduct multimedia searches, allowing you to easily search for the notes you need.

4. Data Protection
Plan Pad respects your privacy with its professional data encryption, which safeguards and prevents others from accessing your important notes and confidential information.

5. Fast Syncing
Plan Pad can share data between devices with cloud file syncing, so you do not have to worry about forgetting which device your notes were last saved in. Notes are encrypted with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) before they are uploaded. AES is military-grade encryption that prevents your data from being viewed by any third party.

💎Our features include:
★1.Segmented speech-to-text input and authentic humanized note creation
★2.Speech recognition with 96.1% accuracy
★3. Note encryption by using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
★4. Insertion of images within text to create the perfect note
★5. Recognizes and supports audio input of various languages, including English, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, and more!
Choose Plan Pad, and head towards success in an easy and efficient way!


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