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About Al-Akiliyya Sermons App

Good News

Access over 300 most enlightening Friday Khutbas on your mobile phone.
Al-Akiliyya Sermons App for Android is now available at

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Presenting the official app for the Annoor Jami Mosque in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
You can now access over 300 enlightening Friday sermons and also the linguistic pearl: The Sacred Message of the Glorious Qur’an.

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili is a well known scholar, Imam and author of world renowned books including the most monumental publication of Tafseer Al-Akili, the Sacred Message of the Glorious Quran, published in 2019 by Zawiya Fellowship.

Al-Khutab Al-Akiliyya Sermons are embedded with Qur’anic references and Prophetic Hadith. They are delivered weekly by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili and are rich source of knowledge with spiritual depth. The Al-Akiliyya Sermons App is updated weekly.
The topics cover knowledge needed the most by the young generation of Muslims and elders as well. Each Friday Khutba Sermon will enlighten the listener(s) with explanations from the Divine Revelation and quench their spiritual thirst.

The listener will glean new knowledge and acquire a deeper comprehension with each pass of each sermon. Delivered in flowing cadences in both Arabic and English, each sermon provides the platform to dive deeper into many issues experienced by all.

With this App, now you can also access the new publication Tafseer Al-Akili, the Sacred Message of the Glorious Quran. It is the first publication of Commentaries and Translation of Mushaf Shareef by an Arab-Canadian Scholar! The intricacies of the Arabic language are revealed clearly in this precious Tafseer and now you can access it on the go!
The support you need to build a healthier faith and more spiritually grounded soul starts here.


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