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hello-jobs app is a recruitment platform that consist of hello-jobs.com and hello-jobs weekly. Hello-jobs.com is a job portal that enjoys the highest traffic and most numbers of jobs advertised in Macau. It is currently the most used and effective online recruitment portal. With the success of hello-jobs.com, hello-jobs weekly (a weekly recruitment and learning publication) is launched to ensure even greater reach of the candidates in Macau, ensuring employees of all levels and background have access to available jobs online and offline.
Using the hello-jobs app, you can access both hello-jobs.com and hello-jobs weekly (e-copy).

Key Features include:
1) Newest personalized interface that is user friendly and technologically advanced and completely upgrade your personal job seeking experience:
• monitors and easily managed all your job seeking information: resume, applied and saved jobs and also job newsfeed.
• Easily search for jobs by employers, industry or job title which quickly uses our “matching technology” reducing your search time and effort.
• Be the first to know what are the latest hot jobs in the market by subscribing to weekly newsletter. This allows you to select jobs of interest which will be sent as alert confidentially to you via your email or mobile phone.
• Immediate online review of the hello-jobs weekly publication e-copy

** Simply register with basic information to receive matched job alerts sent to your mobile phone or email instantly.

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