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1000 coloring pages for adults. Both easy and complex color-by-number images for everyone.
Become relaxed and zen! 🔥👏😍
Relax Color is a free adult coloring book for relaxation and stress relief. 💆
Paint by number and coloring book is a new creative trend that helps you forget all your worries and relax your brain after a busy day. Coloring pages can be done by anyone, not just artists or creative types. This app will provide you with a portable hobby that can be taken with you wherever you go! At home or at the office, with friends or all alone - plunge into the swirls and intricate patterns of coloring book and let your creativity flow!

Explore the rich collection of coloring pages, conveniently organized into categories. Choose exactly what you like and paint by number –People👨👩, Animals🐱🐶, Mandalas💮, Butterflies🦋, Flowers🌷, Messages💌, and much more.
Check out the Exclusive tab to get the unique regularly updated pics. Each picture in the color book has numbers, so all you need to do is follow the color key to create a true masterpiece of your own.

Why You Will Love This Paint App:
⭐ Easy to use
⭐ Great variety of themed coloring pages
⭐ Pictures for all skill levels
⭐ Excellent predefined color palettes
⭐ Easy to follow free color by number system
⭐ Easily zoom in/out for page details
⭐ Import ability
⭐ Lots of options – save, share pictures, and more
⭐ Color therapy uses only pleasant colors
⭐ Works offline! No Wi-Fi needed to relax with the best color book

This free coloring book for adults is a great stress alleviation tool that helps you forget about all the worrisome things. Pleasurable and free color therapy sessions right on your phone!
Play one of the most effective stress relief games between your work time and home duties. Trust us, with this adult coloring book you will forget about stress - It's so simple and intuitive that you can enjoy it everywhere anytime.
Relax Coloring will give you only pleasant experiences with antistress coloring by number! 🎨🖌️
Unlike other art games, our antistress coloring app is super straightforward. You don’t have to be a professional artist to use it – even an amateur can enjoy this free color by number app.With “tap-to-fill” feature, painting becomes easier - even the most intricate patterns and mandalas of this adult coloring book can be done effortlessly using this style of coloring
To start, simply download and open this relax coloring app, choose a category from the color book, and select a picture.
You’ll see the color palette below the pic and everything is numbered to make your experience easy as pie. A tap on a color points out the areas it corresponds to, and you can also zoom-in the picture with your fingers to see all the details properly.
Unlike other art games, it’s impossible to make a mistake and choose the wrong color while coloring pages.🌸
When you finish coloring these incredible images, your artwork can be shared on various social networking sites. Or you can make your friends smile by giving them a card made with a colorful mandala!
This kind of stress relief games is not only a great way to alleviate tension and worry, but it also helps stimulate intellectual wellness. Our free color by number app will help you to increase your concentration, reduce your stress level, and develop your motor skills.
With the Relax Coloring app, you don't need Wi-Fi to start painting! 🔝 These creative coloring pages are available both online and offline. You can color and play whenever you want – while waiting in line, or when you have some free time at home or at work – so start coloring and enjoying color therapy right now!

ぬりえ 無料 大人 color book colorazione ぬりえ 大人 大人塗り絵 colorer coloriages 塗り絵 大人 無料 kolor adult coloring books coloris farbe ぬりえ大人 adult coloring coloring app 塗り絵の本 ハッピーカラー adult coloring book 塗り絵 無料 颜色

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