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What’s the weather today? What’s the weather tomorrow and next week? How to know the climate or weather conditions in current location or weather status is Paris?. Real Time Live Weather Forecast App will help you to answer that questions.
Weather Forecast – live weather radar & weather app is one of the best climate app and powerfull live weather channel app on Play Store not only help you update realtime local weather news and forecasts weather currently for all locations in world with the most accurate & detailed weather information (actual temperature, humidity, chance of rain, chance of snow, cloudy, sunny, uv index and more) but also forecasts weather hourly, weather daily and the most accurate weather status in week and weather next 7 days especially intuitive design & simple-to-use. Install best & highly accurate live weather radar app for totally free now !. Weather app will help you update & forecast global weather and any locations.

* Beautiful & intuitive interface.
* Automatic location detection (by using location services in android device).
* Forecast & track real-time local weather type & climate type and all cities weather status in the world.
* Display the most accurate & detailed weather information:
- Temperature
- Chance of rain, chance of snow
- Precipitation
- Wind chill
- Dew point
- UV index
- Pressure
- Sunrise & sunset
- Moon phase
* Hourly weather forecast.
* Daily weather forecast.
* Weekly weather forecast.
* Live weather radar map (wind, temperature, pressure & humidity).
* Various types of Clock & Date, Weather forecast widget (from 1x1 to 5x4).
* Notify the weather forecast for current location.
* Display temperature in status bar.
* Live weather radar map.
* Dark mode support.
* Switch measurement units.
* Support multiple languages.

Real-time Weather Forecast
Update highly accurate current weather conditions include live temperature (feels-like), highest & lowest temperature in day, current weather type, wind speed, wind direction in current location and other place in the world.

Highly Accurate Detailed Weather Information
Hourly / Daily / Weekly Weather Forecast: show detailed weather conditions information (chance of rain, chance of snow, UV index, humidility, visibility, pressure, sunrise & sunset, moon phases, wind status..).

Live Weather Radar Map
Show fullscreen weather radar mode with zoom feature and able to select various display parameter (Wind, Rain, Clouds, Humidity, Pressure, Waves).

Weather Widgets & Clock
Various beautiful weather widgets style to select. Weather Widget provide users with current temperatures, time & date in home screen to easy update current weather conditions.

Dynamic Weather Background
Background screen in Weather App will automatically change according to weather conditions (day, night rain, cloudy, sunny, snow or foggy..).

Dark Background Mode
Weather App supports Dark Mode to help users more comfortable monitoring of parameters in the weather forecast App and power saving for android device.

- Scroll down for detailed weather information.
- Swipe left-to-right to switch location or add new location.
- Click “Detail” to show more weather information.
- Touch a day to see hourly weather forecast for the day.

- Temperature (C / F degree).
- Time format (12h / 24h).
- Date format.
- Wind speed (mph, km/h, m/s, knots, ft/s).
- Pressure (mmHg, inHg, hPa, mbar).
- Precipitation (mm / in).

Thanks you to use Real-Time Live Weather Forecast App & Climate App for Android, if you love our Weather app, rate us on Google Play. We’re always trying to make Climate Weather app better. If you have any problem, please share them with us!

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