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BoardGame2Go is proud to be now offering board game rental services with same day deliveries in Toronto so you can enjoy game nights at the comfort of your home. Using the free mobile app, you can now make rental or purchase reservations and access information on hundreds of different board games and expansions. For rental reservations, select a reservation date and duration to see which board games and expansions are available. The availability of a board game for the next 3 months is also displayed on the detailed information page. During your rental reservation, you can have access rulebooks and suggested links to learn how to play, extend your reservation if you need more time (subject to availability) and most importantly, have a great time. Before your rental reservation ends, complete the checklist for each board game to ensure nothing is missing and put everything back as indicated on the checklist. Then, return the board games using your selected return method by the selected time-frame and click on 'End Reservation'. Earn GO Points for rentals and purchases, and obtain bonus GO Points for completing the checklist for each board game. GO Points can be redeemed for free rentals, free rental extensions, free board games and much more. Please refer to our Q&A section for further information. Delivery services are limited to certain areas. If you live outside of the delivery area, you can come to our store instead in downtown Toronto at 423 Queen Street West, Suite 213 (Queen Street West and Spadina). If you don't live in Toronto, you can still make purchase reservations and contact us to have the board games delivered to you (for Canadian addresses only).


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