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iScanner - 写真やドキュメントを携帯電話でスキャンの日本におけるランキング推移をチェックしましょう。
ランキング推移は、Google PlayアプリストアにおけるiScanner - 写真やドキュメントを携帯電話でスキャンの人気の推移を表示します。各国、カテゴリ、デバイスごとに、毎日・毎時間におけるiScanner - 写真やドキュメントを携帯電話でスキャンの履歴を追うことが可能です。
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iScanner is a handy scanner app that will turn your Android device into a powerful mobile scanner. Easily scan, save and share any document in TXT or JPEG format.

Our scanner app will become the indispensable tool in your day to day life. Scan anything you need including receipts, documents, paper notes, fax papers, book and store your scans as multipage TXT or JPEG files.

Save even more time with the e-sign feature - add your signature to electronic documents with just a few taps.

Easily turn an image to text with the OCR function. Extract text from a scanned document and then edit it as you wish. This powerful text scanner recognizes all popular languages and can even detect multiple languages within one document. The following languages are supported for text recognition: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew.

Take this portable document scanner anywhere you go for your daily business needs. It doesn't require an Internet connection as all scans are stored locally on your device. And if you need to protect your valuable scans, you can set up a password for the whole app or lock particular folders or documents.

Say goodbye to huge office scanners and get this ultra-fast scanner app now!


Advanced Scanner App:
⭐ Scan to high-quality PNG or JPEG
⭐ Save scans in grayscale, black and white or color
⭐ Recognize and edit any text from your scans
⭐ Automatic shutter and border detection for any scannable object
⭐ Advanced pic processing with enhancement and color correction, noise removing, automatic perspective correction and more
⭐ Choose between low, medium and HD scan quality
⭐ Multipage scanning - scan as many pages as you like
⭐ Batch processing mode

Document Editor:
📌 E-sign any document by adding your signature to scans within the app
📌 Cut, copy or paste pages from and to iScanner

File Manager:
📂 Full-featured file manager with folders, drag & drop and document editing
📂 Protect your documents by locking folders and scans with password
📂 Sort documents by name, date or size
📂 Choose between table and collection view modes

Document Sharing Tools:
✏️ Share your scans via email
✏️ Easy print your scans with any Wi-Fi printer
✏️ Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive
✏️ Save scans to Gallery

All scanned documents are stored locally on your device, they are inaccessible to us and to any third-party. You can easily share the documents by using the export option.

For any questions or inquiries please use our customer support form at

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