Bubble Shooter Hunter - offline bubble shooter

パブリッシャー: Happy Bubble Shooter
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Bubble short is a bubble shooting game to calculate points similar to shooting dinosaur eggs. But instead of eggs, here you need to shoot down colorful bubble. Join the free bubble shooting game to discover interesting things.
Your task when playing Bubble Shooter game is to shoot the entire bubble before time runs out. Try to do it quickly and accurately. Giving you very high scores before each game level has the opportunity to step through the fastest level!
Game Features:
+ Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
+ Colorful graphics, high quality music
+ No wifi can play
+ Totally free
+ Suitable for all ages
How to play:
- Aim and combine bubbles where you want to shoot bubbles.
- Leave groups of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.
- Shoot them through explosive bombs, lightning bubbles to pass levels faster
- Shoot frozen bubbles, transparent bubbles, kick your way to rescue lovely dogs
- Clear all bubbles on the screen to move to a new level.
- The less moves you pass a level, the higher the score you'll get.
- Finish the game, you will be rewarded with points. The higher the score you get, the more money will be given.
- Many interesting props to help you overcome the game quickly
If you feel Bubble Shorter is a fun bubble shooting game, please share it with your friends and relatives to play and have relaxing moments together. Thanks to the players who always accompany Bubble Shorter, we are happy to receive positive reviews from you!!!!!!!


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