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If you are looking to have a business mobile number and a private mobile number on the same device using a single SIM card - then Secnum application is the solution.

The secondary number allows you to make calls from your mobile phone using a secondary mobile number on your existing SIM card, regardless of which mobile operator you are subscribed to. The two numbers are on the same mobile phone.

The secondary number provides you with a business number you can use to differentiate from your private number. You can use this number as a registration number to your WhatsApp Business or Telegram.

Outgoing calls are made through the existing SIM card using your existing mobile phone account according to the agreement you have with the mobile operator.
If you have an unlimited calls agreement then your outgoing calls are included in this agreement. The secondary number is like any regular mobile number that can dial and receive incoming calls. There is no need to purchase an additional SIM card or another device. The secondary number is activated as a mobile phone application.

Service capabilities:
• Real Mobile Phone Number
• Dial outgoing calls
• Receive incoming calls
• Send and Receive Text messages
• Set follow me to another number
• Port your own number from another operator
• Personalize ringtone
• Multiple Language UI
• Voicemail
• Private phone book
• Block anonymous calls
• Advance management Block/Allow callers

New users get a free unlimited plan for 2 weeks. If you wish to enjoy unlimited service, you can rent a number for a fee.

The calls are limited only to Israeli numbers. It is restricted to dial premium numbers, abroad or to the Palestinian Authority.

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ASO (アプリストア最適化)

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