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This game has also a FREE Version, supported by Ads, which could be found on the developers page bellow.
Interactive chess game with different levels and playing styles appropriate for everyone - beginners and grand masters, children and adults, planners and improviser. Especially designed for kids to have fun, to develop mind capabilities and to support sequential learning of the chess game. The artificial intelligence is based on the Bagatur chess engine. Supports different color palettes and chess pieces sets for different tastes.

1. Flip board function.
2. Undo move with "back" button of the device.
3. Moving by drag and drop as well as by selecting from and to squares.
4 Supports 3 different styles - free style, pieces aware, all chess rules.
5. Incorporated chess engine Bagatur. On the strongest level the ELO rating is about ~2500.
6. Supports different color palettes and chess pieces sets for different tastes.

Why playing chess?
Playing chess game is extremely helpful, because it develops and increases several mind capabilities like:
1. Analytical skills
2. Memory
3. Strategic thinking
4. Concentration level
5. IQ
6. Patterns recognition
7. Many others

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