Clash of Celestials

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Game Introduction
Clash of Celestials is a Norse mythology-base Fantasy MMORPG game with an exhilarating combat experience. With a rich gameplay system and a diverse geographical environment, players can enter the world and enjoy a variety of gameplay experiences with friends and companions.

Background Story
The Nordic gods crossed the space-time tunnel and joined the Greek gods to rival the dark side of themselves, and they lost in the battle with Loke. In this fierce battle, the Pantheon has been ruined and survived. The gods such as Athena and Hades are even lost their tracks. People are struggling in the darkness, the world is shrouded in despair and blood. Doomday is coming, in order to save the crumbling empire and the fallen god, you join the gods and embark on the journey.

Game Features
- Three major occupations
Swordsman, Wizard, Hunter, three major occupations. Deploy attribute points as you like, all kinds of different career path, highly free transfer system! Collect supreme equipments, attributes training, various occupation skills for you to choose! Join the team and fight side by side with your partners!

- Stunning equips and limited mounts
Exquisite character fashion, limited version of mounts and wings, all cool equipments are waiting for you! Special equips will increase the corresponding attributes, highlighting your power!

- Cross-server competition
Featured events, cross-server battles, guild tournament, special maps, conquer the world BOSS! There are a variety of PVP systems, Leaderboard, Hall of Fame, Secret Treasures Exploration, all kinds of unlimited challenges!

- Super high freedom
Rich story telling in plots, freely telport among diverse maps , spot the BOSS at a glance to explore as you like! Challenge the hidden quests on map with super high freedom!

- Massive rewards free to receive
Multiple raids and quests, special achievements, all kinds of titles, get free limited equipments just with a click! Feel free to receive massive diamond benefits, full of surprises are wait for your join!

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