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Features carried emulator:

* Easy game downloads

� Pixel color graphics in the style of retro games

� Simple control as possible for the phone (touch)

� An exciting "gameplay" from the past.

Top action action simulation games offline

"Legend emulator with dndy games" among the popular and beloved games are: Toads,tank action game, turtles, bombs, cloak, brothers dragons, cat,

Jerry, Ninja, Vampires, and more from the genre of entertaining games.

Good old games from the time of measuring graphics coolness in bits.

Emulator life simulator

as comfortable as possible to run old console games.

Action simulation games offline

Chilgames and school games that were played on cartridges and changed with friends cartridges when they passed their games many times.

Can play

virtual machine classic games of any complexity of your choice.

An emulator action platformer games in which it will be interesting to play for people of all ages and girls and boys and men and women from any country in the world in free

from work time of course;)

Find your favorite game and do not forget to show your friends.

Large selection of games for every taste and genre of your favorite consoles.

The consoles in which we played on the joysticks for two nights and planted picture tubes.

Defend the classic eagle, defeat the boss with two brothers and toads, come first in a difficult race, jump farthest in sports games,

run, catch up with an opponent, drive a lap faster, win a friend by points, fight a friend in two-player mode and prove who


Many games in one application

Many games in one application

The emulators for android carried games contains ads, please understand and forgive, and click to skip ads;)


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