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The Ragnarok has begun! Save the world tree by preventing the evil forces ravaging Yggdrasil!

Yggdrasil is a cooperative game in which players take on the Nordic gods (Odin, Thor, Tyr, for example). They must join forces and coordinate their actions to repel the invasion of enemies in Asgard.
If Evil is defeated, the victory is collective! Otherwise, they lose all together and defeat signals the end of mythical times.

Goal of the game
During the final battle between the Gods and their Enemies, you will resist the onslaught of monsters that relentlessly progressing on the world tree.
You will have no respite, because at every turn, a monster advance and annoy your skilfully scaffolded plans. You have to fight the giant wolf Fenrir, the goddess of the dead Hel, Loki the traitor or the terrible frost giants. But for this you will need the support of the dwarves that will shape you artifacts, elves who support your attacks, vanes with which you have to negotiate. Obtaining Viking souls in Midgard and the management of their number will be crucial. You will have nine worlds to interact and stop the end of time. Chain strategically your actions and you will defeat Nidhögg the snake that eats the roots of the tree, Surt fire demon or Jörmungand the giant sea serpent.
Remember the magic runes and the divine powers of your possession ultimate key that will save you from the chaos.
The game will offer you to choose the difficulty of the parties. As to measure your progress, you can access the new features: 3 Bonus gods (Frigg, Vidar and Balder) and special Enemy cards. And the mini-extension Yggdrasil: Asgard, which adds 6 new gods and gives them the ability to put themselves into a trance.
Will you be able to prevent the destruction of the worlds?

This application is the adaptation of the famous board game Yggdrasil.
Yggdrasil is a game of Cédric Lefebvre and Fabrice Rabellino, illustrated by Pierô, edited by Ludonaute.
Android development by fans.

- 1 to 6 players
- near 30 minutes per game
- all games are different, a constantly renewed challenge

yggdrasil manu chao midgard 苏格拉底 forbidden desert 韭菜 古城 chesters monty pythons burroughs plutarch キマイラ exquisite respite ragunaroku 努努 kojiki from dusk till dawn poros

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