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Use Accurate Digital Compass 360 with Free inclinometer in Outdoor Activities can be used for your outdoor activities such as travel, camping, hiking or boating. Digital Compass 360 with a high precision golden compass coordinates and beautiful digital compass inclinometer. You have gone through compass apps but mostly work accurately only in European Countries but less accurate in gulf countries and Asia. Our Megnatic compass for True North Finder navigation app can work accurately all over the world. Accurate qibla compass 360 to detect & navigate the qaba directions.

If this kompass is inaccurate, please check that you aren't being affected by a magnetic field. The 3d compass combos can show you magnetic north or true north. Magnetic sensor in your android device is important for a compass altimeter to work. Please make sure you turn on GPS. If your mobile do not have magnetic sensor, you find north using Analog Clock. From app setting, you are able to switch from Compass mode to Analog Clock mode. If Compass with megnatic sensor dost not work then calibrate your phone by waving the device in figure 8, two or three times for accurate directions.

Digital Inclinometer for andriod is an instrument that measures vertical slopes, usually the angle between ground or the observer and a tall object. Digital Inclinometer for andriod is used for calculating roll and pitch of vehicles & spirit level for leveling pictures on the wall, surface leveling during constructions. Inclinometer app for andriod is simply use the edges of the phone to know the inclination in degrees. As easy as the use of a bubble level. fast digital inclinometer app to measure angles / steepness of a slope. Digital Inclinometer for andriod used as a plumb line, pitch gauge, protractor, a bubble level and north direction with North south east west compass.

Digital Compass 360 with Free inclinometer Features:

Easy to use, use it like a real compass
Magnetic and true north available
Show latitude longitude, Altitude Speed
Decimal bearing in this orienteering compass provides detailed direction
Cardinal bearing provides way of expressing general direction to others
Compass notification for outside activities
Best and real compass sensor app
Track your path with this kompas
Smooth movements with magnetic sensor controller
Free and no internet required can use offline
Precise angle or inclination measurement with Digital Inclinometer bubble level, laser level, or protractor.
The inclinometer has both an analogue and a digital display
Compass with light and magnetic field computation features.
Various unit systems such as degree, or percentage.
Immediate and clear indication of steepness / angles

Digital Compass 360 with Free inclinometer build using the gyroscope, accelerator, magnetometer, gravity of the device. Make sure your device has an accelerator sensor and magnetometer sensor otherwise it will not function. The accuracy of the magnetic compass for android will interfere when the device is near any other magnetic interference, be sure to stay away from magnetic things/objects such as another electronic device, battery, magnet, etc while using the compass. You can find N point to the north, E point to the east, S point to the south, W point to the west for Outdoor activities.

Fast digital inclinometer can be used for aligning a frame as well as for more sophisticated fields of applications where an arbitrary slope needs to be measured exactly. In aircraft, the "ball" in turn coordinators or turn and bank indicators is sometimes referred to as an smart inclinometer.

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inclinometer クリノメーター 磁北 clinometer magnetmeter north compass 北東 鉛直 デジタルコンパス 斜面 真北 orienteering 角度傾斜計

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