OCT- Mandarin Proficiency Test

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Certified by Confucius Institute Headquarters, OCT (Oral Chinese Test) aims to empower organizations and individuals around the world to achieve higher proficiency in oral Chinese.
OCT provides a step by step assessment path to evaluate Mandarin learners’ listening and speaking ability. All tests are completely taken online and divided into 4 stages [Beginner], [Progressive], [Intermediate] and [Application], each stage has 2 levels.
OCT [Application] stage has more than 10 industry-specific tests that enable a more focused and effective evaluation of learners’ oral Chinese proficiency in workplace. Current available categories are:「Accounting」,「Advanced Communication」, 「Airline Services」, 「Applied Communication」, 「Banking」, 「Food and Beverage」, 「Hotel」, 「Insurance」, 「Investment and Finance」, 「Property Management」, 「Retailing」, and 「Trade and Commerce」.
OCT levels align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale, connect seamlessly with Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK).
Test results are available within 7 days after test date. Certificate and Competency Report are sent to mailing address within 30 days. The 3-page report includes personalized analytical data that help test takers to understand their strengths and weaknesses for further improvements.

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ASO (アプリストア最適化)

適切なキーワードを設定することで、アプリはユーザーの目に留まりやすくなり、ダウンロード数・売上の向上に繋がります。App Annieは、数百万のキーワードをトラッキングしています。この機能を活用いただくことで、アプリのダウンロード数を伸ばしたり、競合のアプリがどのようなキーワードに強いのかを知ることが可能です。

App Annieで、様々なアプリのデータを知り、アプリ業界のトレンドを把握しましょう。