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▶▶ The first in dictionary Apps! YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Plus Dictionary containing Random House Webster’s College Dictionary
▶▶ The first in Google Play store! Through PLUS update, English-Korean-English dictionary and English-English dictionary are re-born as an App!
▶▶ The dictionary which is constantly growing! The dictionary providing the new features of dictionary App! YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Plus Dictionary!
▶▶ The most revered, legendary free update, YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Plus Dictionary!

● Support vocabularies of RHWC English-English Dictionary for the first time in Korea
● Provide the largest number of headwords/vocabularies in Korea, and provide another 30,000 headwords in Korean-English Dictionary
(Including headwords and vocabularies, the total number of words was increased from 827,000 (460,000 English-Korean and 367,000 Korean-English) to 857,000)

● The dictionary which is installed 90% or more on mobile phones and electronic dictionaries in Korea, YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Dictionary
● The best selling English-Korean-English dictionary, YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Dictionary
● The dictionary which considers the customer first, so is being sold as the best, YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Dictionary

▣ Information about discontinuation of Twinword English Word Graph feature ▣

▪ This information is for the customers who are using [YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Plus Dictionary].
▪ The "associated words feature" free service which is provided by the YBM dictionary through Internet connection, is now discontinued as business of Twinword is ended and the partnership is expired.

▪ Thank you for having used the "associated words feature".
▪ We will soon provide you with other services. Thank you.

Ⅰ. Contents
- English-Korean Dictionary contains as many abbreviations, place names and person's names as possible. Many names of living persons are contained as well. To help learn live English, a lot of new words are added, and many samples, usage, synonyms and antonyms are contained for each word.

- Support vocabulary for study It contains 700 words for elementary school, 6,000 words for middle school, 3,000 words for high school level, and 32,000 words for TOEIC. So, you can study English words according to your level.

- Korean-English Dictionary contains, with priority given to original Korean words and words in Chinese characters that are widely used in our everyday life, archaic words, new words, words of foreign origin, technical words in each field as well as grammatical elements such as postpositional words, prefixes and suffixes, as headwords.

- English-English dictionary, the re-published Random House Webster's Dictionary, is a perfectly enhanced and revised American English dictionary. New words and recent changes of meanings can be found as well. It is a perfect dictionary for English learners who need accurate meanings and pronunciation.

- Random House English-English Dictionary

Ⅱ. Program
1. Support Random House English Dictionary
2. Provide the largest number of headwords/vocabularies in Korea
3. Support quick word search, idiom search, example search, searching English words by phonetic pronunciation as Korean
4. Provide native speakers' high-quality pronunciation of headwords
5. Feature to jump to all headwords
6. Support multiple wordbook feature
7. Flash card/quiz/history feature

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