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Kid-E-Cats キッズドクターゲーム! 猫 病院ゲーム & 医療ゲーム! 幼児 げーむの日本におけるランキング推移をチェックしましょう。
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Do you like to play kid games? Let's play our animal doctor games free! Child games for 2 years old and older where you can play in pet doctor games for girls and boys! ⛑🐱

Are you ill? Three cats rush to the rescue! 🐱🐱🐱 Three kittens open their cute pet hospital 🏥 with animal doctor and with a lot of pet hospital games for kids! Any kitten will be treated!
Kid-E-Cats are wearing white hats, it means that someone needs help! Join new adventures of the cats in new animal doctor games for kids and help kitten doctor treat friends in our games! 🚑🚑🚑

🚨Alarm! You received an emergency call from a cat - he needs your help. Here is what you gonna do:
💊💊💊 Receive calls from different cats - they all need to be treated but you choose who will be the first.
💊💊💊 Pack medicine in your box like pet doctor - take not only meds but also something sweet for your patients.
💊💊💊 Get to the house of your patient - avoid puddles and trees to get there quickly and don't catch a cold.
💊💊💊 Do the treatment - use tools and medicine from your box and don't forget to make a sweet tea or milkshake in the end.

The treatment is done! The cat is feeling good! However, you have more patients. Check new emergency calls, play animal doctor games for kids free and go on a new visit.
You will have:
⛑ 5 characters to treat in animal doctor games free
⛑ 5 types of sickness (treat a toothache, a running nose, etc.). Diagnose and vaccinate!

Although doctor is a complicated job, these cute pet hospital games for kids will be easy to play even for the youngest, because our game contains child games for 2 years old and older! Three kittens in pet doctor games for girls and boys will tell about different types of sickness, tools and medicine and other medical things that are useful for all to know. ❤️ Download our game with three cats: “Kid-E-Cats Animal Doctor Games for Kids・Pet doctor” and have fun! ❤️

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