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Dear current or future user of guided Daily Journal app for reflection!

MindStory thoughts journal is a simple to use self-care guided journaling app with prompts and a powerful mood tracker diary:
- Describe people you interacted with in your gratitude journal
- Note events with thoughts journal
- Jot down your thoughts journal insights
- Write your gratitude journal to usual things becoming more positive
- Check-in mood tracker diary

Keeping a mood tracker with a self-care gratitude daily journal app or a diary is a nice way to cope with stress, reach anxiety relief through the uplift in mindfulness and gratitude. Anxiety reduction, as well as anti-stress effects of gratitude journaling, are proved by scientific research. A personal self-care diary app is a great approach to collect your thoughts journal, memories, insights. Several sentences a day dedicated to self-reflection improve sleep quality and reduce depression symptoms. Also, mood tracker is a very useful addition to a basic self-care diary / gratitude journaling app.

Get to know yourself better following personalized self-care journaling app reflection prompts.
MindStory - personal diary for self-care reflection - provides personalized thoughts journal scenarios for guided reflection on actual areas such as job, family, friends, gratitude or anxiety relief. Here is a typical reflection on the reality in a self-care mode you will find in MindStory - gratitude journaling app:

Step #1:you will check-in how was your day, write 3-10 gratitude sentences about what you’ve been feeling through the day. A mood tracker will be used to diversify your daily thoughts journal with quick anxiety relief check-ins.

Step #2: after a short description, MindStory asks you to write your 3 victories of the day no matter how big they are. This is a psychological approach that is used for stress and anxiety relief, learning a more fair attitude to yourself, gaining mindfulness. Anxiety relief reflection techniques are a core of MindStory thoughts journal.

Step #3: daily journal app reflection question. At this step, new questions about reflection on appearing daily. Questions are enthralling audio stories which are very similar to a guided self-care meditation.

Benefits of using a self-care reflection journaling app + mood tracker for mindfulness:
- gratitude uplift at work
- anxiety relief
- developing an anti-anxiety self-care mindset
- relief of symptoms of depression
- boost of reflection and self-care skills
- journaling itself is a fascinating self-care time

Mood tracker for depression / anxiety relief, gratitude boost, self-care
Presently gratitude self-care approach is unimaginable without tracking your mood in connection with a daily journal app. Mood tracker helps to identify what your mood depends on and how strongly. You’ll know what habits have a positive influence on your mood, what areas are in demand for improvement. Find out your top activities, keep up with what causes bad mood. There are statistics with anti-anxiety insights inside the thoughts journal app!

Self-care Insights: mood, gratitude
Systematic usage of “MindStory - gratitude daily journal app” generates a lot of useful insights about your inner passions and mood dynamics. Following a guided self-care diary helps you understand your social context, personal goals getting rid of unnecessary but stressing thoughts causing anxiety or depression. There are easy to read beautiful diagrams. The more you check in with mood tracker the more meaningful insights you get.

Insights for writing aspects of your daily journal app - gratitude diary
It is a curious thing explore how much exactly do you write in your thoughts diary, isn’t it? There is a separate tab with stats of thoughts diary path like the number of words typed, emotions logged, your current entry streak - how many days in a row you wrote something in the thoughts diary.

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