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LiveChat is a free online video chat app. You can meet new people randomly and start live chat at any time and any place.

No need to type text, see the faceial experssions of each other, have a real one-to-one conversation by online live video chat now! Get connected to talented or humorous people from different countries with just one click. Learn foreign languages and start new life experience.

No need to create account, login with Facebook or Google account easily! Set the filter and swipe the screen, only chat with people you like. If you have good feelings, just like and send gifts to express your emotion!

With beauty effect, even in bad light, you will be attractive and stylish during the live chat! The video quality is high and low latency, so you can have smooth experience even at 2G/3G/4G network.

🌟Free video chat
🌟Randomly match people
🌟Select gender, meet friends you like
🌟HD video quality, express emotions better
🌟Beauty effect: make you beautiful and confident
🌟Login with social account: no need to create an account
🌟Low latency: smooth chat experience in global
🌟Increase charm: get likes, gifts and chat requests
🌟Works well in 2G/3G/4G

Are you too busy to meet new people and find friends? Are you feel difficult to find like-minded friends? Download LiveChat, make friends can be so easy!

More features are coming soon. If you have any suggestions, welcomt to tell us.


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