New Dinosaur Survival Battle-Beast Attack

パブリッシャー: Dream Kodez Gaming Studio
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Dream kodez gaming studio presents the new fantasy dinosaur game on this fighting season. We have created this epic New Dinosaur Survival Battle Beast attack game with alot of efforts for all our valuable users. This is a jungle war game where all wild animals are equiped with modern world weapons and the animal kingdom survival war has been declared against dinosaurs.

Story of the Game:

In this new dinosaur survival battle beast attack game in the fantasy jungle all the wild animals are well equipped and together against the dinosaurs. They have attacked the dinosaurs and animal battle has been started. You have to defend your dinosaurs and fight live a brave dino.

New Dinosaur Survival Battle Beast attack is basically a kingdom survival game made for epic fun where animals are equipped with dangerous weapons , fighting with each other, so you have to fight with your dino for the survival of your animal kingdom. Beat the enemy animals to save your dinosaurs. These wild fantasy animals are destroying the jungle. Don't let them win this epic battle. You have modern guns with your dinos, you just have to do is accurate aiming and firing in the right time. This is a fantasy animal fight simulator kingdom game, Destroy the enemy or they will destroy you. You will find african lions,elephants and rhinos attacking you.

Enjoy this epic animal kingdom battle.

Features of New Dinosaur Survival Battle-Beast attack:

*New dinosaur survival battle
*Animals equiped with modern world weapons
*Beat the beast animals with your gun
*Three different environments
*Realistic animal battle sounds
*Epic destruction game
*Ultimate dinosaur simulator
*Beast animal fighting battle
*Controls are smooth and simple
*Animal kingdom clash simulator
*Exotic animal war
*Fantasy animal battle game
*Jungle animal attack on dinosaurs
*High quality graphics
*Ultimate brave animal fight
*Animal clash destruction simulator
*Multiple levels
*Fantacy animal war game
*Aim and fire
*African Lions,Elephants,Rhinos and dinos

New Dinosaur Survival Battle Beast attack is a game made for fun in the fantasy land. Download for free now to enjoy this animal destruction battle. Don't forget to give us your feed back.


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