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Have you always wanted to learn English and understand different cultures? Is being able to have a fluent English conversation in your professional and personal life one of your goals? Start learning and improving today through practical and interactive content anytime you want with English 24/7.

Imagine if you could add more enjoyment to the conventional method of just memorization and repetition. This is what English 24/7 brings you through a fresh new innovative approach to English learning that’s always just a finger swipe away.

Our mobile phones are daily companions always with us and now English learning can be too. English 24/7 is a fully immersive language learning tool that combines:

- High quality videos that simulate real-life scenarios
- Engaging interactive vocab/grammar activities
- Speech recognition technology that identifies pronunciation
- Informative tips and guides on understanding foreign cultures and etiquettes
- A full package of contextualized content to enhance overall comprehension

Learn the language, speak the language, live the language.

While you’re at a cafe, why not learn some useful phrases about ordering a coffee and learn different kinds of foods and drinks.

While you’re in an airport, why not practice listening to flight announcements so you can avoid getting lost or understand that gate change.

While you’re preparing that next presentation, why not pick up some practical terms and gain an edge to impress those foreign colleagues or clients.

English 24/7 is tremendously convenient and completely practical. A language learning app that provides you with actual real conversational language that you can start using immediately. Here’s how it works.

First, freely choose from a series of videos walking alongside two characters, Joe and Jen. Watch and follow their journey of daily routines as they engage in different scenarios.

Then, each dialogue is taken apart sentence by sentence so you can review every single syllable for fully understanding situational English conversations. Listen to how they talk for understanding pronunciation, study their mannerisms for understanding foreign etiquette and then practice their speech to improve your own skills.

Experience the latest methods of innovative practice with Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR). This is using state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge language learning tools that can instantly recognize your speech and grade your pronunciation like speaking to a real person. This combined system will give you the tools to not only learn but then apply your communication skills in an international setting anytime, anywhere.
Download the app now, try it yourself and start learning English today!

- 1st person camera angles that put you right in the scenarios enhancing interactive experiences
- Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) that recognizes and helps you improve your pronunciation
- Regularly updated content with relevant materials on a broad range of global topics
- Build your personal phrasebook and track your progress with a customized profile
- Create your own English learning journey with personal ASR recordings you can share across social media and connect with others
- User friendly interface that’s easy to navigate with high quality designs and visuals
- Learn more about your own personal English learning needs by using the location-based system (LBS) to help you find the nearest EF English center and book a consultation within seconds

About EF Education First
Since its establishment, EF has helped people learn a new language, discover the world, and earn an academic degree. With its mission to open the world through education, EF has the expertise to help you reach your English learning goals.


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